BestCrypt Container Encryption 9.06.8

BestCrypt Container Encryption 9.06.8

Jetico Inc. Oy – 19.1MB – Shareware – Windows
BestCrypt is easy-to-use, powerful data encryption software. You allocate a portion (container) of free space of your drive where you keep all your sensitive data in encrypted form. BestCrypt creates a virtual drive in your system which you work with like with any other drive. All data written there are encrypted 'on-the-fly'. Strong encryption algorithms Rijndael (AES), Blowfish,Twofish, GOST, DES, etc. LRW,CBC,XTS encryption modes. Time-out and Hot Key options. Any number of hidden containers inside a single outer container. The wiping utility is included allowing you to wipe files 'on-the-fly' while they are deleted by applications or by the system. BestCrypt is professionally developed product which keeps your files out of other people’s eyes.


BestCrypt Container Encryption 是在由Jetico Inc. Oy開發類別 Security Shareware 軟體。

最新版本是 BestCrypt Container Encryption 的 9.06.8 2017/11/28 上釋放。 它最初被添加到我們的資料庫 2014/11/14 上。

BestCrypt Container Encryption 在下列作業系統上運行: Windows。 下載檔案的大小 19.1MB。

BestCrypt Container Encryption 已不被評為由我們使用者尚未。

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